SINOPEG is a dynamic science company dedicated to developing and manufacturing of poly(ethylene glycol) derivatives (PEGs) for drug pegylation, drug delivery, medical devices, bio-engineering, diagnostic assay development, polymer engineering, and other broad uses in nanotechnology.

With proprietary technologies and state-of-the-art GMP standard manufacturing capability, SINOPEG is capable of supplying small to large quantities of rich selection of PEG derivative products with unique molecular designs (chemical structure, molecular weights (MW)) and exceptional product quality control to serve bio-technology and pharmaceutical companies and research organizations worldwide.

SINOPEG is looking forward to collaborating with our partners to extend product and technology services to include drug pegylation service, conjugation product separation and characterization, and polymer designs for drug delivery systems etc..

SINOPEG is proud collaborator with a number of well-known universities, research institutes, and pharmaceutical and biotech companies around the globe.




SINOPEG’s vision is to be an science company, providing innovative materials and technology to partner with our customers on current treatment improvement and new therapeutics development for improved patient treatment quality and better human health.


SINOPEG partners with our customers and collaborators to create value through:

  • Provide innovative products to enable technology advancement and differentiation
  • Extend services to accelerate novel treatment development and evaluation (conjugation chemistry, product separation and characterization, drug candidate evaluation)
  • Focus on efficiency and result to maximize return of customer’s investments
  • We have stable supply capability from small to large quantities of our products, which are used in every phases of therapeutics development and commercialization process.
  • We are reliable supplier with quality product and performance consistency.
  • We offer traditional to novel PEG derivatives - all to your customized need. Our unique and patented products may help differentiate your product performance and gain advantageous IP competition.
  • We are your science partner with high IP consciousness and respect.
  • We are your total solution collaborator with leading CRO firms in China to facilitate your product commercialization to market.

Business Model

SINOPEG markets and sells products to pharmaceutical and biotech companies. To create value for customers, SINOPEG also offers contract-based research work for its customers. Our partners team with SINOPEG to provide competent and all-rounded services from pegylation to drug candidate evaluation.