Dr. Johnson

Jeremiah A. Johnson, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Key research interests

  • The Johnson laboratory seeks creative, macromolecular solutions to problems at the interface of chemistry, medicine, biology, and materials science.
  • Novel, nanoscopic branched-arm star polymer architectures for in vivo drug/gene delivery and supported catalysis.
  • Hybrid synthetic-natural hydrogels for correlation of the effects of network microstructure on cell response.
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PEGylation Partner


Founded in March 2000, Fagenbio is located in High-tech Distric Chongqing, China. As a high-tech biopharmaceutical limited company, the company is mainly engaged in recombinant protein research and development of innovative drugs. 

Fagenbio has a strong R&D team of more than 30 research staff which has rich professional knowledge and experience. Since Fagenbio was established, 12 recombinant protein drugs have been developed and the market value of over one hundred million RMB.  Project sponsor and partners include many famous pharmaceutical companies both in China and overseas like USA, South Korea and Europe.

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CRO Partner

Medicilon offers fully integrated pharmaceuticals services for the global scientific community and is focused on providing an exceptional client-centered experience and significantly advancing the drug discovery process. Since the founding in 2004, our integrated services across biology, chemistry and preclinical services are uniquely designed to help clients develop their research and discovery programs from the initial idea stage to the IND filling phase.

The headquarters is located in Zhangjiang High-Tech Park in Shanghai, China, with an additional facility in Chuansha Economic Park, Shanghai, China. 


  • Biology Services
  • Discovery Biology Services
  • Pharmacology Services
  • Preclinical Services
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Dr. Wu

Professor, Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciencess

Key research interests

  • Design and synthesis of novel biomedical polymers
  • Control formation of (hybrid) hydrogels, microgels and nanogels
  • Bioimaging, drug carrier and tissue engineering

Area of collaboration

  • Novel PEG structure designs for unique properties


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