About Us

SINOPEG is a dynamic science company dedicated to drug delivery systems (DDS). As a leading company in polyethylene glycol derivatives (PEGs), we are also specialized in the R&D of long acting biopharmaceuticals, developing and manufacturing of block copolymers, lipids for drug delivery, medical devices, bio-engineering, and other broad uses.

With proprietary technologies and state-of-the-art GMP standard manufacturing capability, SINOPEG is capable of supplying small to large quantities of rich selection of PEG derivative products with unique molecular designs (chemical structure, molecular weights (MW)) and exceptional product quality control to serve bio-technology and pharmaceutical companies and research organizations worldwide.

SINOPEG is proud collaborator with a number of well-known universities, research institutes, and pharmaceutical and biotech companies around the globe.

Our Vision

SINOPEG’s vision is to be an science company, providing innovative materials and technology to partner with our customers on current treatment improvement and new therapeutics development for improved patient treatment quality and better human health.

Our Mission

SINOPEG partners with our customers and collaborators to create value through:

  •  Provide innovative products to enable technology advancement and differentiation.
  •  Extend services to accelerate novel treatment development and evaluation (conjugation chemistry,product separation and characterization, drug candidate evaluation).

  • Focus on efficiency and result to maximize return of customer’s investments.

Our Advantage

  • SINOPEG has 24+ patents on PEG Derivatives and Pegylated Drugs.
  • ISO-9001and ISO-13485 certified.
  • Multiple Drugs Master File(DMF)submissions.

Certificate Of Analysis (COA)

COAs will be provided for all products ordered from SINOPEG.

Special Customization

SINOPEG is able to customize a wide range of PEG products from mg to kg, and our products can meet the specific requirements of customers. 

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