• Massachusetts Institute of Technology(MIT)
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology(MIT) 2019-02-15
    Jeremiah A. Johnson, ph.d. assistant professor, department of chemistry, massachusetts institute of technology key research interests The johnson laboratory seeks creative, macromolecular solutions to problems at the interface of chemistry, medicine, biology, and materials science. Novel, nanoscopic branched-arm star polymer architectures for in vivo drug/gene delivery and supported catalysis. Johnson’s Group Welcome to the website:
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  • Shanghai Medicilon Inc.
    Shanghai Medicilon Inc. 2019-03-12
    Medicilon is one of the professional preclinical CRO in china, which provides one-stop integrated services including biology, chemistry and preclinical. Medicilon offers fully integrated pharmaceutical services for the global scientific community. They focus on providing an exceptional client-centered experience and advancing the drug discovery process. At medicilon, you could find the professional, the effective and the comprehensive solutions. Welcome to the website:
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  • QuiaPEG
    QuiaPEG 2019-04-05
    SINOPEG signed a non-exclusive Licensing and Commercialization Agreement with QuiaPEG Pharmaceutical Holding AB in 2018 for the manufacturing, marketing and sales of products and services based on QuiaPEG´s proprietary Uni-Qleaver® technology. QuiaPEG is headquartered in Uppsala, Sweden, who develops proprietary, releasable PEGylation technologies (Uni-Qleaver®)for the development of prodrugs and biobetters with improved pharmacological properties, e.g. extended half-life and increased tolerability. Welcome to the website:
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