XIAMEN SINOPEG BIOTECH CO., LTD. provides the following technical services.

1.  Customized synthesis

SINOPEG provides customized synthesis services for the following products: polydisperse polyethylene glycol derivatives(peg derivatives), monodisperse polyethylene glycol derivatives(peg linker), intermediates of anti-diabetic drug, block copolymers, excipients for DNA/RNA Delivery, etc.

SINOPEG has a technical team led by returned doctors and foreign experts, and has established good cooperative relations with Xiamen University, Fudan University, Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences and other famous domestic universities and research institutes.  With first-class technology development strength, we can provide a full set of services such as reaction, purification, separation and end product analysis according to customer needs.

2.  Impurities analysis

SINOPEG uses modern separation and analysis methods to provide impurity analysis of chemically synthesized API and their preparations for the detection and quantitative determination of impurities. Impurities are key quality attributes of drugs, which can affect the safety and effectiveness of products. These impurities may be identified or unidentified, volatile or non-volatile, including starting materials, byproducts, intermediates, degradation products, reagents, coordination bodies and catalysts, etc.  

For new drugs, impurities brought into the production process or raw materials or generated during the storage process can be detected.  For modified production and generic drugs, if the drug manufacturer changes the production process or introduces new impurities into the raw materials and excipients, it is necessary to carry out impurity analysis again, revise the original quality standard, and apply for approval to the drug regulatory department according to law.  SINOPEG provides scientific and impartial impurity analysis for customers with professional and rigorous scientific spirit, and has been well received by customers for its high-end technical level and high-quality technical service.

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