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BLAFAR Limited. 2019-06-12

About BLAFAR Limited.

Blafar Ltd., a biotechnology company spun out from vornia ltd., is committed to produce functionalised biopolymer products for cosmetic and medical devices industry around the world. blafar is focused on designing and manufacturing innovative raw materials for advanced functionalised biopolymers for better outcomes in biomedical applications. blafar provides design, development, and manufacturing service for customised biomaterials.

Blafar manufactures biopolymers and bio-inks including functionalised hyaluronic acid, chondroitin sulfate, gelatin, and collagen and their derivatives for biomedical applications. blafar also supplies well defined small molecule drugs or active pharmaceutical ingredient for biological and biomedical use. blafar supplies unique peg-based hyperbranched polymers with customised molecular weights through biocompatible synthesis approaches.

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