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/VacCon 2022 | 4th Novel Vaccine R&D and Industrialization Summit
VacCon 2022 | 4th Novel Vaccine R&D and Industrialization Summit January 11,2022.

As COVID-19 continuing in 2021, it is necessary to take preventive measures, to accelerate the speed of research and development of COVID-19 vaccines and drugs, to advocate the innovation of new vaccines technologies, and to build the strength to win this epidemic.

VacCon 2022, focus on technical breakthrough of the novel vaccines in post COVID-19 era. It will invite 60+ government regulatory experts, scientists and leading entrepreneurs who specialize in vaccine/ neutralizing antibody/ small molecule novel coronavirus drugs. The theme is "Focusing on technical breakthrough of the novel vaccines in post COVID-19 era", which will discuss the latest clinical development, before project approval and R&D in COVID-19 vaccine and drugs, and the leading practice of innovation and process development of mRNA/recombinant protein/adenovirus vector vaccine under different technical paths.

SINOPEG, as one of the few companies in China to achieve the commercial production of lipid nanoparticles delivery materials, also attracted a lot of friends to communicate with us at the booth.

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