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/A “three-in-one” injectable hydrogel platform with osteogenesis, angiogenesis and antibacterial for guiding bone regeneration
A “three-in-one” injectable hydrogel platform with osteogenesis, angiogenesis and antibacterial for guiding bone regeneration October 20,2020.

Bone regeneration is a complex process consisting of three major parts, osteogenesis, angiogenesis, and antibacterial. In the past decades, researchers have tried various approaches to guide bone regeneration, for example, some hybrid hydrogels, such as bioactive glass composited gelatin methacryloyl hydrogels, hydroxyapatite incorporated hydrogels, have been reported in guiding bone regeneration . Although enhanced osteogenic differentiation could be observed in these researches, they still fail in coordinating with angiogenesis or antibacterial effects. For now, there are still limited researches on preparing a general platform for properly combining these three parts. In this research they proposed a strategy by using injectable 4-arm-polyethylene glycol-thiol (4-arm-PEG-SH) hydrogel incorporated with liposomes-calcium phosphate nanoparticles (Lip#CaP) to synthesized one general platform in coordinating these three parts including osteogenesis, angiogenesis and antibacterial effect (denoted as three-in-one' hydrogel platform).

Compare to other researches, this three-in-onehydrogel platform properly guided three process in the bone regeneration process, including the induced angiogenesis caused by the locally released DFO, enhanced osteogenesis caused by CaP-enhanced extracellular matrix mineralization, and broad spectrum antibacterial caused by the combination between Ag+ and bacterial. Additionally, this platform can be totally degraded after 8 week's implant, which avoid occupying the space for the newly generated bone. The antibacterial effect was achieved by Ag+ largely avoiding the antibiotic resistance caused by antibiotics.

1. Chen, H., Cheng, R., Zhao, X., Zhang, Y., Tam, A., & Yan, Y. et al. (2019). An injectable self-healing coordinative hydrogel with antibacterial and angiogenic properties for diabetic skin wound repair. NPG Asia Materials, 11(1). doi: 10.1038/s41427-018-0103-9

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