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Plant-derived cholesterol from SINOPEG July 6,2022.

Plant-derived cholesterol is the most important raw material component in mRNA vaccine production and gene therapy. As one of the key functional excipients of lipid nanoparticles (LNPs), cholesterol plays a role in mediating LNP endocytosis as well as stabilizing the LNP structure (cholesterol helps increase the fluidity or stiffness of cell membranes and the addition of cholesterol improves the stability of nanoparticles). Meanwhile, with the rapid development of related research, lipid-based drug delivery systems are becoming increasingly important in a wider range of therapeutic areas, including vaccines for infectious diseases, cancer immunotherapy, etc.

SINOPEG supplies to the market plant-derived cholesterol products of non-animal origin without genetic risk, eliminating concerns about the risk of animal-derived cholesterol carrying animal viruses, and can be used in high-end formulation excipients: small molecule liposomal drugs, nucleic acid drugs, mRNA vaccines and non-animal-derived cell culture media for protein-based drugs.

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