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  • SINOEPG's invitation | TIDES USA
    SINOEPG's invitation | TIDES USA May 14,2024.
    Welcome to visit SINOPEG at booth no.911. Each year, the TIDES conference scientific agenda includes 150+ of the industry's top scientists to present the latest science and industry updates across the entire spectrum from discovery, preclinical, clinical development through CMC, Manufacturing and commercialization of therapeutics and vaccines for oligos, peptides, mRNA and genome editing products. The TIDES USA program features concurrent tracks covering the following 6 scientific themes including in-depth development strategies, trends, and technologies across the entire spectrum of oligonucleotides, peptides, mRNA, and genome editing.
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  • SINOEPG's invitation | 3rd LNP Formulation & Process Development Summit
    SINOEPG's invitation | 3rd LNP Formulation & Process Development Summit April 23,2024.
    Welcome to visit SINOPEG at booth no.17. Join the ever-growing community of LNP pioneers as they tackle the challenges associated with developing safe, compliant and efficacious LNPs. This starts with the in vitro discovery of LNPs through to the manufacturing processes, with end-to-end synergy fundamental. Hear from returning industry powerhouses including Pfizer, Moderna and Alnylam alongside new companies to share their insights to this community such as Capstan Therapeutics, AbbVie, Mana Bio, Serina Therapeutics, Karma Biotechnologies and more. With an expanded content offering a 4-track and 4-day summit format, we continue to be the most comprehensive, premium LNP content available to industry.
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  • SINOPEG's polyethylene glycol derivative project has won the championship in the manufacturing sector at the provincial level in Fujian, CHINA!
    SINOPEG's polyethylene glycol derivative project has won the championship in the manufacturing sector at the provincial level in Fujian, CHINA! March 20,2024.
    Exciting News! SINOPEG's polyethylene glycol derivative project has won the championship in the manufacturing sector at the provincial level in Fujian, CHINA! SINOPEG stands out with outstanding technological innovation and remarkable R&D strength, becoming a shining star in the provincial manufacturing industry.   This honor is a strong demonstration of the company's scientific and technological strength and innovation capabilities, and it is the highest recognition of the company's continuous investment and exploration in the field of technology. SINOPEG has been committed to supplying high-quality polyethylene glycol derivatives to its peers, focusing on the research and development of new products and technologies related to polyethylene glycol derivatives, and has developed a series of patented and non-patented proprietary technologies related to polyethylene glycol derivatives and preparation processes. SINOPEG will continue to uphold the spirit of "independent research and development, daring to innovate", constantly pursuing excellence, challenging oneself, and striving to promote technological innovation, contributing more to the industry's development.   On the road ahead, we will demonstrate even greater strength!
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  • Happy International Working Women's Day!
    Happy International Working Women's Day! March 8,2024.
    Happy International Working Women's Day! Today, let's celebrate the achievements of women around the world and recognize their immense contributions to society, the workplace, and beyond. From trailblazers who shattered glass ceilings to everyday heroes, women continue to inspire us with their resilience, determination, and unwavering strength. Let's continue to support and empower women in their pursuit of gender equality, equal opportunities, and a more inclusive future. #IWD2024 #WorkingWomen
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  • Happy Spring Festival!
    Happy Spring Festival! February 5,2024.
    Happy Spring Festival! The long-awaited Spring Festival holiday is here! I can't wait to share some exciting news and the festive atmosphere surrounding the Chinese New Year break. Are you ready? Let's embrace this traditional festival together!  Firstly, the Spring Festival is one of the most important traditional holidays in China and is eagerly anticipated by people nationwide. The dates vary each year, typically starting on the first day of the lunar new year and lasting for fifteen days. We have plenty of time to enjoy and celebrate this special occasion. During the Spring Festival holiday, people usually return home to reunite with their families and enjoy joyful moments together. Regardless of their location, loved ones strive to gather at home on this day. That's why train stations and airports throughout the country are exceptionally busy during the Spring Festival travel rush, as thousands of people aim to be home for the Lunar New Year celebration. This reunion moment holds great significance for Chinese people, so they remain positive and optimistic amidst crowded roads and heavy luggage, embracing the spirit of the Spring Festival travel rush. Throughout the Spring Festival period, households engage in a series of celebration activities. First and foremost, people put up spring couplets and fu characters on their doors to pray for good fortune and happiness in the coming year. Traditional decorations like lanterns, papercuttings, and window decorations adorn homes, creating a festive ambiance. And of course, there are red envelopes, which are the favorite part for children! Elders give red envelopes containing lucky money to children, symbolizing good luck and prosperity. Additionally, there are sumptuous reunion dinners, where traditional delicacies such as rice dumplings and sticky rice cakes are enjoyed, representing reunion and well wishes. Apart from family gatherings, people participate in various traditional and festive activities. Lion dances, dragon dances, and lantern exhibitions take place on the streets, spreading joyous vibes throughout the cities. Furthermore, temple fairs and flower markets are popular destinations during the Spring Festival, offering a chance to savor delicious food, purchase New Year gifts, and witness traditional performances. While the Spring Festival remains rooted in tradition, it continues to evolve. The advancement of modern technology allows people to send wishes to family and friends via the internet, enabling them to experience the reunion atmosphere regardless of their geographic location. Additionally, some people choose to travel and explore new destinations to unwind during the festivities. The Spring Festival holiday is a time of excitement and celebration. Whether it's reuniting with family or participating in festive activities, this holiday creates wonderful memories and joyous moments for everyone. Let's cherish this traditional festival together and wish everyone a happy new y...
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  • Happy New Year!
    Happy New Year! December 28,2023.
    Happy New Year! Wishing you all a year filled with joy, success, and endless possibilities. May this new year bring you happiness and fulfillment in everything you do. Let's embrace new beginnings and make the most of every moment. Cheers to a fantastic year ahead! #NewYear #2024
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  • Join Us at CPHI Barcelona 2023 – Booth 7D10!
    Join Us at CPHI Barcelona 2023 – Booth 7D10! October 11,2023.
    Dear colleagues and industry partners, We are thrilled to extend a warm invitation to all of you to join us at CPHI Barcelona 2023, one of the most prestigious events in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. Our company is proud to be a part of this incredible event, and we're excited to welcome you to our booth, 7D10. Event Details: Date: 24 Oct, 2023–26 Oct, 2023 Location: Fira Barcelona Gran Via Booth: 7D10 At our booth, you'll have the opportunity to connect with our team, explore our latest products and innovations, and engage in meaningful discussions about the future of the pharmaceutical industry. CPHI Barcelona is a hub for networking and knowledge-sharing, and we look forward to exchanging insights with you. Why Visit Booth 7D10? Discover our cutting-edge pharmaceutical solutions. Learn about our commitment to quality and innovation. Meet our team of experts ready to answer your questions. Explore potential collaborations and partnerships. To make the most of your visit, please schedule an appointment with us in advance by contactingsales@sinopeg.com. We believe that collaboration is key to driving the industry forward, and CPHI Barcelona provides the perfect platform for such collaboration.     We can't wait to see you there and discuss how we can work together to achieve excellence in the world of pharmaceuticals. Save the date, visit Booth 7D10, and let's shape the future of healthcare together!
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  • SINOEPG's invitation | 2nd LNP Formulation & Process Development Summit
    SINOEPG's invitation | 2nd LNP Formulation & Process Development Summit April 11,2023.
    The 2nd LNP Formulation & Process Development Summit is returning to Boston to welcome 350+ LNP experts for sharing, learning and networking to turbocharge next generation of LNP development. Welcome to visit SINOPEG at booth no.27. 2nd LNP Formulation & Process Development Summit | April 2023 (lnp-formulation-process-development-pharma.com) #event #Boston Xiamen Sinopeg Biotech Co., Ltd. is dedicated to drug delivery systems and related medical device business, focusing on the research, development, production and sales of high-end drug delivery carriers/auxiliary materials/APIs, medical materials, including but not limited to polyethylene glycol derivatives, lipid products, blood sugar control drug modifiers, block copolymers, ADC/ProTAC linkers, biodegradable polymers, exosomes, viral-like particles, as well as providing CDMO and solution services. These products are widely used in long-acting protein/peptide drugs, COVID-19 mRNA vaccines, small nucleic acid drugs, blood sugar control drugs, macromolecular micelle drugs, liposome drugs, gene therapy drugs, immunosuppressants, ADC drugs, ProTAC drugs, medical hydrogels, and other fields, placing the company in a leading position in the industry.
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